The solution that stands out from the crowd for two reasons

  • The HydroLock® effect delivers excellent hydration and prevents discomfort.
  • The MicroBlock® lens case provides unbeatable protection against contamination.


Clean your lenses easily in four hours.

The combined effects of HydroLock® and MicroBlock® ensure the best possible hydration and hygiene all day long.

The HydroLock® effect


  • Cleans and removes proteins
  • Disinfects
  • Preserves
  • Rinses
  • Provides better and longer-lasting hydration thanks to its unique formula.

The MicroBlock® lens case

Studies have shown that up to 80% of lens cases are contaminated.

The MicroBlock® case plays an essential role in preventing lenses from becoming infected(1)(2).
Its antimicrobial action provides an additional layer of security by:

  • Destroying bacteria on contact
  • Preventing contamination.

A wide range of multipurpose soft contact-lens solutions for lens wearers.

Pack 90ml

Pack 360ml

DuoPack 2x360ml


Hygiene instructions from Menicon

  • Make it part of your routine to wash your hands before inserting and removing your lenses.
  • Do not re-use solution already in the lens case.
  • Three months after opening the bottle, you should replace the lens case and solution.
  • You should clean the MicroBlock® lens case with SOLOCARE AQUA®.

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